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JK Science
Journal of Medical Education and Research
July - Sept, 2019, Volume 21, Issue 3



94 Protons: a New Frontier in Optimal Cancer Care
Rahul Sharma


95 Comparison of Different Volumes of Normal Saline for Epidural Volume Extension in Combined Spinal Epidural Anesthesia for Lower Abdominal Surgeries
Anita Vig Kohli, Kavita Bhat, Renu Wakhloo, Samriti Gulati

102 Prospective Study of Benign Breast Disease in a Rural Tertiary
Gaurav Gupta, Pranav Kumar Sharma

109 Clinicopathological Correlation of Endoscopic Duodenal Biopsies in a Tertiary Care Hospital in Haryana
Abhimanyu Sharma, Monika Garg, Kusum Joshi, Kartar Singh

113 A Comparative Study of Dexmedetomidine Versus Esmolol for Attenuation of Cardiovascular Response to Laryngoscopy and Endotracheal Intubation
Ajay Gupta, Pallavi Bloria, Ankita Atri, Smriti Gulati

118 Neoadjuvant Vs Concurrent Chemotherapy Addition to Radiotherapy in Locally Advanced Carcinoma Nasopharynx: Analysis of Survival & Failure Patterns
Rahul Sharma


125 Clinicopathological Correlation Of Gastric Endoscopic Biopsies In A Tertiary Care Hospital In Rural Area In Haryana
Abhimanyu Sharma, Monika Garg, Kusum Joshi, Kartar Singh

130 Programmed Labour: A Comparative Study
Sapna Puri, Isha Sunil, Rohini Jaggi

134 Randomized Trial of Quantitative Correlation of Thoracic Epidural Tramadol with Postoperative Analgesia in Patients Undergoing Thoracotomy
Puja Vimesh, Rasmeet Kour, Rajesh Angral, Anshu

139 Vaginal Delivery after First Caesarean Section
Shafika Bano

142 Long Term Followup Study for Sacrospinous Fixation Surgery
Isha Sunil, Sapna Puri

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