Jan- March, 2020
Volume 22, Number 1


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JK Science
Journal of Medical Education and Research
Jan- March, 2020, Volume 22, Issue 1



1 Diabetes Mellitus, Dyslipidemia: Cause for Acute Myocardial Infarction
Rachna Sabharwal, Annil Mahajan


3 Ehagesopctomy for Cancer of the Esophagus- GMC Jammu Experience
Arvind Kohli, Noor Ali, Ishtayak A Mir

7 Assessment of Stress Parameters and Cognitive Functions in Different IQ-EQ Groups
Mohita Singh, Sunil Sachdev

12 Results of Internal Iliac Artery Ligation in Pelvic Bleeding
Shafica Banoo

15 Significance of Mentzer Index and Erythrocyte Indices to Evaluate Erythrocyte Morphology and Spectrum of Anemia in Adult Population in a Tertiary Care Hospital in Rural Haryana
Abhimanyu Sharma, Aasif Hamid Lone, Mehak Sharma, Manish Chaudhry

19 Use of Palmer's Point in Creation of Pneumoperitoneum in Patients of Previous Abdominal Surgeries and To Check Efficacy of the Visceral Slide Technique for Detection of Abdominal Wall Adhesions
Rahul Jaggi, VipanMagotra, Suleman Choudhary, Sunil Gupta

24 Comparison of Sevoflurane and Propofol for Insertion of I-Gel in Patients Undergoing Minor Elective Surgical Procedures under General Anaesthesia
Rajesh Mahajan


29 Histological Correlation of Karmans Endometrial Sampling with Dilation and Curettage in Abnormal Uterine Bleeding
Neelu Sharma, Anita Sharma

32 To Study the Outcome of Inguinal Hernia Repair with Sutureless Self-Gripping Meshin Terms of Postoperative Pain,Complications and Recurrence
Paras Kumar, Zahur Hussain, Aamir Hussain Hela, Rohit Goel

36 Clinical Profile of Hemophilia in Children in a Tertiary Care Hospital in North India
Mohd Razaq, Mumta Chouhan

41 Spectrum of Behavioral Disorders Among Children Aged 5-15 Years in Tertiary Care Hospital of Bhopal
Shilpi Garg, Raghvendra Gumashta


46 Vascular Malformation of Lower Limb-ADiagnostic Dilemma
Amit Mahajan, Anil Luther

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